Edit files directly over SFTP in Eclipse (Remote System Explorer)

I typically edit PHP and Python using VI over SSH in multiple Putty windows.  Arranging the windows is a pain, you lose all of your open shells if your connection hiccups, none of the machines I connect to provide color terminals, and I’m often fight VI’s indenting (and am too lazy to fix it on every machine).

I’ve now switched over to editing files on the server using Eclipse and the Repose System Explorer add-on.  It solves all of the problems mentioned above.

  • From Eclipse: Help -> Install New Software. “Work with: -All available sites-“. In the search box type “remote system”. Check “Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime”, click Next to proceed with the install.
  • After the wizard completed, click Window -> Open Perspective -> Remote System Explorer.  Right-click in Remote Systems, choose New Connection, type in your details.  After you connect, expand “Sftp Files” and you’ll be able to open remote files in the editor.

Thanks Ikool’s Blogbed.