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iCatcher! podcatcher app for iOS – mini review

I recently found a new favorite podcatching app called iCatcher! (the exclamation is theirs, but I share their enthusiasm).  The selling points for me are:

  • over-the-air downloads aren’t subject to the 50MB iTunes Store OTA download limit
  • 30 second skip button for video (not just audio), and a 30 second rewind button
  • plays video in portrait orientation
  • a sleep timer
  • if you’re playing a video and you lock the device, the video’s audio will continue to play
  • play video files back at 2x speed (a feature that iTunes Mobile supports only for audio files)

I can’t express how excited I am about that last feature.  The app has been working as advertised so far – no crashes or bugs.  iCatcher is $2 in the App Store.