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Get Chrome “Side Tabs” back (kind of)

Thousands of people, including myself, cried out in terror when Google removed the “Side Tabs” from Chrome. I tried for one month to settle into Firefox + Firebug + Tree Style Tabs as my main browser, but that combination is nowhere near is snappy as Chrome for my workload.

My workaround has been to use the most recent build of Chromium (Chrome’s open-source alter ego) that still contained the Side Tabs feature. Because there are no security updates available for this version, I use NoScript and whitelist scripting on sites as needed.

Chromium 15.0.862.0 – Windows:, Mac:

A major advantage of using Chromium instead of an old version of Chrome that has Side Tabs is that Chromium can be run side-by-side with the latest version of Chrome.

  1. I don’t understand. The most recent build of Chromium is not version 15.0.862.0, it’s like 18 something.

    Can you enable vertical side tabs in that version of chromium?

  2. It looks like the parenthetical in that sentence made it difficult to read.

    Chomium 15.0.862.0 is “the most recent build of Chromium … that still contained the Side Tabs feature.”

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