StepMania installer .dmg

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Tools for creating MacOS installer .dmgs

StepMania installer .dmgI spent some time updating the StepMania MacOS installer. There are many features that you probably will want in an installer dmg:

  1. an “Applications” link or alias
  2. a custom background image
  3. custom placement of icons
  4. .dmg compression
  5. a way to script building of an installer dmg

Here’s how you’ll want to achieve the above in your installer build script

  • Create a temporary directory and copy into it all files you’ll want in your final .dmg (typically a .app or 1 directory, and maybe a documentation file)
  • Create a symbolic link (ln -s /Applications $your_temp_dir) or manually make an alias to /Applications and then copy the alias to your temp directory.
  • Use the yoursway create dmg script and pass in your temp directory, background image, icon locations, and it will spit out a compressed dmg.  Something like: create-dmg –window-size 500 300 –background background.png –icon-size 96 –volname “StepMania4” –icon “Applications” 380 205 –icon “StepMania” 110 205 StepMania.dmg ../$temp.dir.  Their script is based on the Adium installer applescript + wrapper.

You can see exactly how StepMania does it by checking out our scripts: